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Walk In Rent to Race Sessions on Saturdays
Saturday Sessions Begin in April!

What does our title infer? Well this is so important that we’d better start with a date stamp. June 7th, 2018. That is when we finally quite ignoring our customers and fixed the most common complaint we hear. “What do you mean I can’t walk in and do a rent to race on a Saturday!?!?”

In our defense, usually we sell out our Saturdays for rent to race groups, many of which are bachelor parties. That makes scheduling easy and us productive. But you know we’ve heard the retort, “What do you mean I can’t race on the weekend?” so many times that it is time to remedy this complaint.

The Fix! We will block off the 1 PM rent to race slot every Saturday for the rest of 2018 (it worked great, we did the same in 2019, 2020 and 2021, 2022 and we will again this year in 2023). Yes that is prime real estate, but it is now officially a walk in event much like our Thursday nights. This event will be a 40 lap race program and have an $80 price tag. One person, or a group of friends can walk in and race whoever else shows up.

What do you have to do to get involved? Unlike our ‘Turn Key Thursday’ race night where reservations are not needed, drivers will have to reserve for this one. Why? The 12:30 PM and 12:45 PM bachelor party groups will still be in attendance. We allow 20 drivers max in these groups on a Saturday. We’ll need to keep the walk in group size to 20 max to stay on schedule. So unlike our ‘Turn Key Thursday’ night race where we can accommodate 50+ people we’ll need to take reservations to serve the first 20 drivers. You can do that by calling the ‘Pit Crew’ at the track at 608-897-2898. No cost to put you name on a kart. Got friends coming along? Reserve for them on the same call.

Will we see you on a Saturday?

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