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Rent To Race FAQ

Rent to Race FAQ Section for All of Our Rent to Race Products

Sugar River Raceway offers group race outings for groups of eight (8) or more drivers most days of the week. We’ve hosted friends, clubs, bachelor parties, corporate groups, families, etc. These events are conducted at times when the track is closed to the general public (call for scheduling or contact us). Got an urge to race? Find out what wheel to wheel feels like at speeds up to 50 mph!


Here is our Rent to Race FAQ section about our Rent to Race Private Parties/Race events:

How is the race program formatted?

We have two programs that are both popular with our guests.

#1 is a ‘Sprint Race’ program. All drivers sign in upon arriving at the track. A safety and coaching, orientation session is conducted track side. Safety gear is issued and a 10 lap practice/qualifying session is run. Following practice a Driver’s Meeting is conducted to set up the race event. Each driver then competes in three (3) ten (10) lap races. Groups sized twenty (20) drivers or less have all drivers compete against each other in all three (3) races. Groups larger than twenty (20) drivers will run a heat system in which we qualify drivers for a feature or a semi feature race. The feature race determines our winner and the top three (3) drivers are recognized with awards following the race event.

#2 is our ‘Endurance Race’ program (The ‘Endurance Race’ format is not available on Saturdays). Sign up, orientation and practice are the same as the sprint program described above. For this format of racing we create two (2) or three (3) driver teams. The race kicks off with the typical green flag start and driver #1 races the first 30 lap segment. A special pit lane is used to make driver changes every 30 laps or so. The entire 60 laps are run non-stop. If a three (3) driver team is used two (2) driver changes are made, and the race distance will be 90 laps. The public address announcer keeps all drivers abreast of the running order and passes for position. Both formats of racing have all laps timed and race results are posted after each pit stop for driver changes is completed. Final race results and lap times are also available at the end of the event. The top three teams are recognized with awards following the race event.

What is the cost of these events?
Both the ‘Sprint’ and ‘Endurance’ format described here are $80/driver.

Are there a minimum number of drivers required?
Yes. Groups must be a minimum of six (8) or more adults sprint race format. We require a minimum of twelve (12) drivers for an Endurance race. Groups with no shows will be charged the minimum driver requirements listed.

Will we have the track to ourselves?
This depends on group size. If your group is twenty (20) or under in size we may have another group scheduled in the same time slot. On Saturdays you can plan on another group being scheduled with your group. We have enough safety gear to completely outfit both groups so nothing is shared. While your group races the other drivers prepare for their race. When your race ends you enter the pit and the second group is sent out to race. The second group will be done before you are ready to race again in most cases. Like most racers you have to relive the event in the pit and deliver the proper congratulatory and/or derogatory statements to each of your friends where deserved. This all takes a few minutes so you’ll want a break between races. With this schedule there happens to be a race on the track while you relax and relive. Having another group scheduled at the same time as your group doesn’t extend your time at the track. The time it takes to run the other group’s race is the perfect amount of time to rest and get ready for your next race.

What do I need to wear?
Drivers must wear lace up shoes and socks (translation, no flip flops or sandals). You can choose to wear either short or long pants. The safety gear issued will be a helmet, balaclava/helmet sock, and driving gloves. Since COVID hit us we have not been providing a race jacket. We ask that racers bring their own coat at least the weight of a hoodie. This is to protect drivers from the heat of the engine. We have a thorough cleaning regimen for the helmets, balaclavas and gloves, but we are unable to keep the jackets as clean as we should for our COVID scare. 

Our guests may use their own gear if they have it. Helmets must be full face Snell 2015 minimum rating. Driving suits from other forms of racing may be used and/or a motorcycle or denim jacket. Leather or suede palm gloves are also required. Remember, the required safety gear is provided as a part of the race entry fee.


What is the biggest group that Sugar River Raceway can accommodate?
In a sprint race format we can do groups up to 60, and in the endurance race format we have done groups as large as 75.

How long should we plan for a race event?
Groups of eight (8) to sixteen (16) drivers should plan on 2 hours. Groups of seventeen (17) to thirty-six (36) people should plan on 3 hours at the track. The time on track isn’t what takes the most time, it is usually how long a group spends between races bench racing. This estimate also includes time in front of your scheduled event for driver sign in. Plan to be at the track at least 15 minutes before your scheduled event

Who is responsible for damage to the karts?
Each group or rider is responsible for up to $80 damage for each kart that is damaged. These charges will be settled at the end of the session. For instance, you have a small oops in the corner with your buddy and a tie rod gets bent. You would be charged $10 for the tie rod. Let’s say you have a larger oops and a wheel, tie rod, and front bodywork are damaged. That’s $35 + $10 + $100, or in this case $80, as that is our maximum charge for damage per kart, per incident.

How many karts are available?
We will always have twenty (20) karts and a spare available. This is enough to race any group, as we race twenty (20) karts at a time max (this is in the sprint race format; endurance race format limit is thirty (30) karts).


Do these karts fit ‘Adult Sized’ people?
Yes they do! We have many karts with XXL seats and even a couple with a seat we affectionately call the ‘Park Bench’. We have had drivers 6’10” tall and over 300 pounds on our karts! On the other end of the scale we have seat inserts to reduce seat size to a medium or a small and pedals with extensions that adapt the kart for the petite lady drivers. Usually drivers down to 5′ tall can manage the controls.

Can our group include people who aren’t driving?
Sure. We often have spectators at our races. The entertainment doesn’t stop just because you don’t drive. Some people seem to have more fun giving those driving a hard time rather than driving themselves. Watching your friends or work mates trying to look like Mario Andretti while on track can create some of the best laughs you’ve had in a long while!

What’s to drink or eat while we have our fun at the track?
Obviously there is no consumption of alcohol allowed before or during your on track time. After your event you may celebrate with an adult beverage if you wish. We do have soda machines on site to keep you hydrated during your race event.

Food: We have a large patio with picnic tables that can be used for a meal either before or after your race event. We have seated groups as big as 100 on this patio. You are welcome to bring your own food with you. We have a BBQ grill that you can use also. You may have something delivered/catered if you wish, or you can ask Sugar River Raceway to take care of having refreshments delivered. We work with a local caterer that can deliver a wide range of meals for any group. We can have pizza or subs delivered also. Indicate your needs when booking and we can either deliver the meal or direct you to a food vendor. Sugar River Raceway does not have a liquor license, but our caterer does, so adult beverages for after race celebration are available. You may also bring your own cooler for that victory lane toast!

On what days and at what times can I schedule a rent to race party?
We work our rent to race events in around our weekly race schedule, so many times are available. Ask for whatever will work and we may have a time slot that will suit you. It is easiest to state what time slots are not available; Wednesday afternoons and evenings are not available. Our weekly race program also blocks out some Sundays. But Sunday availability is good as time is available after our Sunday race day or on Sundays when our sanctioned racing isn’t scheduled.


Do we race in the rain?
It depends. A light mist or drizzle will not stop us (we’ve even run in the snow when an October or November flurry is in the air). A heavy rain will cause us to delay while weather passes. We only cancel an event when rain has been so heavy it creates flooding of the racing surface. A damp track, from a light mist, can be great fun that requires a different diving technique. Some of our customers have suggested we put sprinklers in so they can choose wet or dry before the racing starts!

Is there a deposit or charge to reserve a date?
Yes, we require an $80 non refundable deposit when reserving a date. The deposit can be made by credit card over the phone or by cash if paying in person. If rain postponed our event there is no extra charge for rescheduling. If weather keeps us from running or rescheduling the deposit is refunded.



Call 608/897-2898 for first come first serve scheduling for your event.

We hope our Rent to Race FAQ section was helpful.  See you at the track!

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