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Company Outings

Company Outings

Hopefully you’ve found this page because you’re searching for that perfect activity for a company outing. Not only do you want it to be perfect you likely want it to be something that your group hasn’t done before. We like you, love golf and picnics, but not in perpetuity. You don’t have to be a NASCAR fan to love racing a go kart. If you’re the kind of person that has trouble with speed limits you’re going to like go kart racing. If you’ve got some of those competitive juices flowing you’re going to like go kart racing. And if you’d really like to show Bob from Accounting your tail lights you’ll really like go kart racing.


Unlike the Wisconsin Dells type go karts ours really perform. That’s why our rent to race program is for adults only. How does 50 MPH at the end of the long straight sound, or 1.5 g’s of side load in the turns? Your competitors are inches away as you race around the track wheel to wheel. You’re seated 1″ off the ground and your helmet is your windshield. 50 MPH is magnified in your new race environment. Try this in your car and you’ll lose your insurance and license all in one day!

Wow, will you live through your first go kart race? We’ve had nearly 40,000 guests who have rented a kart and become a race driver for a day. Yes, like other exhilarating sporting events the potential for injury is there. Past go kart injuries divided by participants reveals a .025% injury rate. Sounds like opening your operation up for business each day could be riskier. Drivers are required to sign a release waiver to participate.

To your group this is a ‘Corporate Outing’ or a ‘Company Outing’ or a ‘Team Building Event’ or a ‘Company Fun Day’ or one of many other potential terms. If team building is what springs your group we can format race events to incorporate an element of team work. Let us know your needs and we’ll find a format that works.


We do company events every day of the week April through November. We race morning through evening as the track is lit. We require a minimum group size of 8 drivers. We have accommodated groups of up to 90 drivers.

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