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We are really excited about the 2023 Rent to Race Endurance Racing season at Sugar River Raceway! If you are new to this web site and our programs at Sugar River Raceway let us first explain what this Endurance Racing program is:

  • Turn Key is synonymous with ‘Rent to Race’ or ‘Arrive and Drive’ or ‘Karts for Hire’ and maybe some other terms you’ve heard. Turn Key means everything is provided for you to race. The kart, the safety gear, the mechanics, the track crew and the race program.

  • Our endurance events are 50 lap one driver events that we added to our mix in 2012. It has proven to be popular. This race starts with a 10 lap qualifying session, and we’ll run with no pit stops for a continuous 50 laps. Yep, the winners are supermen as they run every lap flat out. But that doesn’t mean these events aren’t for the new to go-karting crowd too. Every 50 lap race we’ve ever run has new racers on board.

Will you have any fun? Oh yeah! Our returning customer rate is amazing. You nearly need ear plugs in the pits after the event ends. The high fives and bench racing kick into high gear as soon as the engines shut off. We are also happy to report that the majority of drivers leave with a big grin on their face. Many issue threats of returning for the next Endurance Race to claim the winner’s trophy. We find words inadequate when trying to describe this experience; you’ve just got to try this!

  • 50 lap events are $80/driver.

  • You may reserve for any event by calling the track at 608/897-2898. If karts are available you may enter day of event on a walk in basis.

  • All drivers must be 18 years or older.

  • Safety gear is provided, but drivers may use their own gear if it meets our minimum requirements. Helmets must be full face Snell 2010 rated. Gloves must be leather or suede palm. Full coverage of arms in a skid resistant jacket is required. Material must be denim, Cordura, high tear strength nylon, or Leather. Driving suits from other forms of racing are allowed.

  • Each driver will get one ten (10) lap practice/qualifying session before the race.

  • The starting grid will be determined by timed laps in practice. Your race crew will flip a coin following qualifications. Tails we invert the top six (6) teams, heads we start heads up. The rest of the drivers will line up heads up by best lap time from position seven (7) on back in the instance of an invert.

  • The races will be scored using a computerized system that has a transponder on each car. This system times each lap for each kart. It is the same technology used in Formula 1 or NASCAR. This will also allow us to post a mid race update each time driver changes are completed.

  • Rolled black flags are given as warnings for rough or un-sportsmanlike driving. drivers receiving rolled black flags will be penalized 30 seconds in the penalty box. A third rolled black for the same driver will result in disqualification from the event.

  • The track will provide pit crew should a mechanical problem crop up. Karts that can not be fixed due to major mechanical problems or damage due to on track incidents will be retired from the race. No spare karts will be used; the driver will be retired from the race.

  • Damage costs are the responsibility of each driver in an amount up to $80/occurrence. This is on a no fault basis.

  • Awards will be given to each driver on the top three (3) finishing positions.

  • No refunds are given for laps not completed.

  • We do race in light rain, but if an event is rained out a Rain Check will be given. This Rain Check can be used in any of the other 2019 Endurance events. Reservations must be made for the event a driver wishes to spend the Rain Check on.

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