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50 Lap Rent to Race Points Series

We will pause our 50 lap rent to race points series championship in 2022. The past five years of points chasing has been fun, but it seems we might have bumped into a bit of burn out as it regards our series. We’ll sit back and rethink and maybe redesign our series for 2023.

If you’re a fan of our 50 lap rent to race events you may find our new for 2017 (and we’ll be re-running this program again in follow on years) points championship of interest.  Here’s the details.

  • Drivers can count their 10 best race results towards the championship

  • Race winner scores 150 championship points, 2nd scores 145, 3rd scores 140, 30th scores 5 points

  • Drivers 160#’s and over receive a 3 point weight bonus.  3 points for each additional 10#’s

  • Driver’s will be weighed on the track scale

  • Driver weight rounded up or down based on 5# increments.  Example, 165 rounds up to 170, 164 rounds down to 160

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