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Coyote XP Chassis Lg
Sugar River Raceway is happy to be associated with Coyote Racing Products as one of their new kart dealers. Coyote builds karts for all types of go-kart racing. Their current model XP chassis has been doing a great job on the national scene. While the XP will perform well in our local SRR classes we still really like the Widetrack and Widetrack LE models. The link below to Coyote's web site only shows an XP as the current offering, but Coyote is happy to build both Widetrack models. If you've been keeping score at SRR you already know that these two models win every week. They do a great job on our YDS tire rule in our Box Stock Honda Honda classes. They also do a great job on YLC tires in the Clone and Briggs Animal classes. If you think a new Coyote might be what your racing effort needs Sugar River Raceway would very much appreciate an opportunity to provide you with a quote. We can supply base chassis through turnkey set-ups. Please call or contact us. Check out the link to the Coyote web page below.

Coyote XP

Margay Karts:

Sugar River Raceway has sold new and used Margay Karts for decades. Why the long association? The on track performance of course. Margays have been winning races and championships at Sugar River Raceway for years. The current line-up should be no exception. Whether you're into Box Stock racing or the fastest 2-cycle class Margay has a model for you. When you click on the link below you'll land on the chassis in Margay's model line-up that is best suited for our 4-cycle centered class system. Once you've digested what Margay has to offer let us help you understand the costs associated with making your team a winner aboard a Margay Kart. We can switch the equipment from your current ride over to a new Margay base chassis, or we can deliver the total turnkey set-up.

Margay Brava 4.2Cs

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