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Honda/Clone Stock Appearing Class

We will offer a class in 2010 that should interest many of you that like to tune and tinker. Any Honda GX200 or any Chinese built Honda Clone engine can be the basis for your power plant.

Racers will be allowed to remove the fuel tank and run a floor mount tank with a fuel pump if they wish. A top plate may be added to the motor if the fuel tank is removed. A max length aluminum spacer of 1" will be added underneath the carburetor. A tapped hole in the spacer for a hose barb will provide the crankcase pulse to run the fuel pump. A block to carb gasket must be installed on both sides of the spacer.

The engines must be completely stock appearing (other than removal of fuel tank) and retain all exterior tin work. Governor pieces and related throttle control brackets may be discarded.

The original carburetor that comes with the brand of engine run must be used and be 'stock appearing' in a visual inspection. The interior and bore size of carburetor will limited to .650".

Bore and stroke rule. The 3rd oversize will be allowed on the bore, (Bore: 2.677" (68mm) minimum - 2.720" (69mm) maximum). Stroke must remain stock (2.118" minimum - 2.136 maximum).

No welding will be allowed on the cylinder head, crankshaft or flywheel. Cylinders may be repaired if a connecting rod failure has occurred. The weld repair must not constitute a performance advantage.

The stock plastic air intake will be removed and replaced by an aluminum filter adapter that must pass the current Honda Super Stock tech. Same goes for the air filter used.

All engines must be started by the stock recoil starter and it must be installed on the engine.

Stock OEM flywheels must be used. This is being done in an effort to keep the RPM range of the engines down. We've been told that the clones will pitch the magnets off in the 7500 RPM range. We also have experience with Honda engines being reliable up to 7000 RPM. The engine must retain a cooling fan, but there is no tech on the fan itself.

All engines must run a centrifugal clutch that is engine mounted, no axle clutches allowed. An engine mounted clutch guard must be used.

Exhaust systems can use any home built or aftermarket exhaust header and tail pipe combination. The system must use a WKA legal RLV silencer at its termination. Exhaust must stay within rear confines of kart and must pass the safety tech.

Tire rule will be Bridgestone YDS: Bridgestone YDS SL tires, 4.50 x 5" front and 6.00 x 5" or 7.1 x 5 rear tires mandatory. Tires must durometer at 65 or harder. Tires must also durometer within 10% of the class average. At track's discretion a check may be performed on the grid before a race. If a competitor's tires are found to be outside the class average by more than 10% they will not be allowed to race.

This class will also be subject to our pump around system on race day. This is a gasoline only class.

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