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Sugar River Raceway 2014 Clone Classes

Sugar River Raceway will use the Clone rules called 'International Class Box Stock' in the 2011 WKA tech manual section 711 starting on page TM-93.

Any 6.5 HP Chinese produced Honda Clone engines can be used. All parts must be factory production parts unless otherwise specified in this manual. No machining or alteration of parts is permitted unless specifically noted. All parts are subject to be compared to known stock parts. No reading between the lines. If it's not in the rules it must remain stock. Unless otherwise,stated engines will be teched as raced. Additional rules may be added as WKA moves forward with this program.

We will use WKA's 'Pure Stock' tech rules for our Jr. 1 & 2 classes. The driver rules are as follows:

Sportsman Clone 1:

Driver Age 7 through 11 `Restrictor .500" Black SRR Restrictor or Purple ARC Restrictor `Fuel: Gasoline only `Minimum weight: 265 lbs. `Spec tires: Bridgestone YDS, 4.5" front and 6.0" rears `CIK or Gold Cup bodywork rules

Sportsman Clone 2:

Driver Age 12 through 15 `Restrictor .550" Blue ARC Restrictor `Fuel: Gasoline only `Minimum weight: 290 lbs. `Spec tires: Bridgestone YDS, 4.5" front and 6.0" rears `CIK or Gold Cup bodywork rules

710 Clone Class Pure Stock

Engines in this class must run parts unaltered from factory specifications.

710.1 Pipe: Header must be single stage maximum 0.750" outside diameter, 0.635" ID inside measurement. Maximum length on header and muffler is 15" and minimum is 10".

710.2 Muffler: Must be RLV Mini 91. Box Stock, Threaded Nipple. No grinding. ID is 0.685" + or - 0.005". Rear baffle holes maximum ID is 0.1285". Inner baffle holes maximum ID is 0.0965". Muffler must be screwed on end of header pipe, not welded.

710.3 Clutch: Must be a shoe type clutch. Drum may be stamped or billet steel. No cooling fins either machined into drum or added on. No disc clutches allowed.

Senior Clone Class:

Driver Age 15 and older `Fuel: Gasoline only `Minimum weight: 375 lbs. `Spec tires: Bridgestone YLC, 4.50" x 5" fronts and 7.10" x 5" rears `CIK or Gold Cup bodywork rules

This class will run the Clone Class Box Stock tech starting at 711

711.1 Clutch: Open dry clutch.

711.2 Fuel Tank: Must be floor mounted.

711.3 Carburetor: Huayi or Rui*ing only. All stock garb gaskets must be present. Choke assembly must be functioning, cannot be altered and must remain flat. Choke bore must be cast. Venturi 0.615" No-Go. Back carb bore: 0.751" No-Go. Emulsion tube must remain stock. 0.066" No-Go (No-Go cannot pass all of the way through). Main jet: 0.042" No-Go. Low speed idle jet is non tech. Throttle shaft 0.115" minimum. Butterfly 0.037" minimum. Butterfly screw must remain stock.

711.4 Fuel Pump: Any pulsed type fuel pump is allowed. Fuel pump must be pulsed from the valve cover. *Any other way to pulse must be approved by the tech official at the race.

711.5 Air Filter: After market air filter adapters are allowed. Maximum length: 1.375". Loss of air filter during a race does not constitute a reason for disqualification.

711.6 Block: Block must remain stock. Maximum bore is 2.685". Stroke is 2.123" plus 0.010" or minus 0.005". No pop up allowed. Mating surfaces of block and cylinder head are non tech items. Surfacing of both to correct for gasket failure and meet cc check is allowed. No welding on the block.

711.7 Cylinder Head: No porting, grinding or modification. Valve seats have two angles; single 45 valve face and single 30 top. Intake seat 0.897" maximum. Exhaust seat 0.862" maximum. Head gasket must be stock configuration. Gasket must be steel; copper or aluminum not allowed. Minimum head gasket thickness 0.008". One or two head gaskets are allowed with no maximum thickness. Sealer may be used.

711.7.1 Combustion Chamber Volume: Minimum volume 26.5cc as measured through the spark plug hole using the LAD tool and with head on the engine. See section 504 for instructions on using the LAD tool to check the cylinder head volume.

711.8 Valve Train: Valve train will remain stock. No polishing. No grinding. No alterations. Stock OEM rocker arms only. Stock valve springs only. Maximum wire diameter is .071". Maximum spring pressure is 10.8 lbs. at height of 0.850". Spring retainer measurements - exhaust 0.250" +/- 0.005"; intake 0.0230" +/- 0.005". Intake valve diameter - 0.985" +/- 0.005" with 45 angle. Exhaust valve diameter - 0.948" +/- 0.005" with 45 angle. Lash cap on exhaust valve only. Valve stem seal is optional on intake valve only. Seal lip - 0.027" maximum. Stock lifters are mandatory. Minimum valve installed height is 0.815". Valve spring shims are allowed.

711.9 Connecting Rod: Stock rod only; Rod may be honed. No other modifications allowed.

711.10 Piston and Rings: Stock pistons and rings only.

711.11 Crankshaft: Stock crankshaft only; no modifications. Crankshaft journal is 1.180" maximum and 1.168" minimum.

711.12 Camshaft: Camshaft must meet these specifications. Maximum running lift on exhaust is 0.242" taken on valve spring retainer with zero lash. Maximum running lift on intake is 0.238" taken on the valve spring retainer with zero lash. Intake lift at the push rod -maximum 0.225", minimum 0.215". Exhaust lift at the push rod - maximum 0.232", minimum 0.222". Duration check for intake and exhaust lobes. Intake duration of 218.5 degrees at 0.050" lift, and 85.5 degrees at 0.200" lift. Exhaust duration of 221.5 degrees at 0.050" lift, and 96.5 degrees at 0.200" lift. All checks will allow +2 degrees for wear and gauge variances.\

711.13 The following flywheels are the only approved flywheels: (1) ARC Model 6619, (2) PVL, (3) Raceseng REV WHEEL - FINNED - S1, all at a minimum weight of 3 pounds 2 ounces. The Speed Karts Steel Billet S1 flywheel is also approved at a minimum weight of 5 pounds, 3 ounces. No machining or alterations of any kind are allowed. Ignition coil must be stock, but ignition timing is non tech. The flywheel may be run with or without a key. The stock C.I. flywheel is no longer legal. [Effective date: December 20, 2012]

711.14 Header Pipe: Exhaust pipe/header must not have exposed sharp edges. No aftermarket coatings of any type are allowed. Header/exhaust pipe must be wrapped if the pipe design exposes the driver to burns. Studs allowed for header pipe attachment to block. Header/exhaust pipe MAY NOT PROTRUDE inside of exhaust port.\

711.15 Muffler: Must be RLV 91. L type with 0.1285" maximum holes. No aftermarket coatings of any type are allowed. Loss of muffler during the race will result in disqualification.

711.16 Starter: Pull starter must be present and remain stock. Engine must be started with pull starter. Pull Starter may be rotated for a better cranking angle.

711.17 Engine Oil Recovery System: Engine oil recovery system (catch can) mandatory.

711.18 Oil Sensor: Oil sensor may be removed.

711.19 Governor: Governor and governor components are non-tech.

711.20 Side Cover Gaskets: 2 gaskets maximum.

711.21 Aftermarket Coatings: No aftermarket coatings of any kind are allowed except on blower housing shroud.

Find this icon at www.worldkarting.com to keep up with any tech changes through out the season. We won't update this WKA tech on our web site until next spring, but will use the current manual plus any tech updates when doing an inspection on the Clone, classes.

Tech Updates Icon

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